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Popular Festive Poultry


Christmas is the most important gathering of the year and a rare opportunity to treat your family with a very very special meal. There is a simple solution.

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With over 60 years of award winning turkey farming behind them, Copas Traditional Turkeys have perfected the stress free Christmas.

The artisan high welfare way of rearing these birds guarantees you the best tasting turkey in the country. With easy to follow cooking instructions & a handy pop-up timer, cooking the most impressive Christmas meal has never been so easy.

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Boneless Rolled English Turkey Breast.

Tied with streaky bacon for basting.

All weights available from 1 kilo to 3 kilo.



A traditional Christmas bird that makes a change from turkey. Reared on a small family farm, these birds are left to roam and forage until they reach full maturity. A deep intense meat.

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A Duck can make a pleasant change for a special meal for the smaller gathering. Whole birds will feed 4-5 people.

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Packington Free Range chickens are so popular they need no introduction. Real chicken as it used to be. Higher welfare Barn Reared chickens are also  popular. Usual sizes readily available.

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Packington Free-Range Pork

We believe that the traditional free-range way of farming is the best way for the pigs and for the taste of the meat. Pigs like lots of space outdoors, with the freedom to run around or wallow in mud and be sociable with other pigs, root around and exercise, well-bedded shelter for when it’s hot or cold, lots of good quality food, and a plentiful supply of water. It might take longer to produce pigs in this way, and be a little pricier, but the results are definitely worth it for you and the pig. Just taste the difference!



Lamb is getting ever more popular for Christmas and we are sure this year will be no exception. Leg or Shoulder for a traditional roast, or for a special occasion a rack will hit the mark.



Fantastic roasting joints and steaks are always a favourite for the festive period. Choose from the wonderful Carvery Rib or Cote de Boeuf  for roasting on the bone.

Easier to carve are the boneless & rolled joints such as Sirloin, Rump or Topside. We recommend the Rump Roast for flavour and texture hard to beat.

For that extra special meal why not try a piece of prime fillet for a Beef Wellington. All joints and steaks are cut to size on the premises from prime aged beef for succulence  and flavour.

3 Cote de Beouf

Sausages, Bacon & All The Trimmings

As usual, this year we are making our own Pigs in Blankets (16 per tray) & Stuffing balls (10 per tray) for your enjoyment. These are packed in ovenproof trays to make it very convenient. Just pop them into the oven and save on the washing up.

Our British dry cured bacon will be vacuum  packed to keep it as fresh as possible over the long festive period. Back and Streaky bacon, smoked or unsmoked all in packs of 10 rashers.

Our home made sausages are always popular, so remember to order them as a great standby meal alternative.



Always very popular at Christmas time, our Gammon joints are cut to your required size and vacuum packed. For best results we recommend boiling first and finishing in the oven with a glaze of your choice. Honey is always popular but many different recipes can be found online.

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Cooked Ham

Our cooked hams will save you boiling the raw gammon and can be finished with a glaze of your choice. Excellent shelf life and versatility for the cold cuts.

Our Honey Roast hams are usually the most popular. Any size can be cut, starting from 1kilo up to 6kilo.